Why is Hireguard Free?

Hireguard is operated by Northstone Systems, who also have a sister company; Metro Rental Limited. Metro Rental Ltd, have, like most rental companies, suffered fraud, theft, and customers who don't pay for damage.

While there was a shared information database in existence, it was only open to members of an association, and that association not only charged an annual membership fee, it also charged for using the database. Many smaller rental companies make little enough money, and we therefore thought that a free service that was open to ALL hire companies, be they a member of any association or not, should exist, to enable the sharing of information freely to minimise everybodies risk.

We then offered to integrate Hireguard with the two main suppliers of rental management systems, but both refused, it became apparent why they had refused some time later when they set up their own high risk hirer systems which, unsurprisingly, they charge a monthly fee for using. As a result we wrote the iVech management system which integrates with Hireguard enabling automatic search, however, we integrate Hireguard free of charge, to members with their own system.

The ethos of Hireguard is, that the data belongs to those who submit it, the members, and therefore the members, will never be charged to access it.

Hireguard will always be a free service.

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